Saturday, 23 July 2011

SEO Tips- Blog Directories List

Build easy back links- blog directory submission.

As explained in SEO tips, it’s going to be hard to find someone who would deny the importance of back links when it comes to gaining popularity and high Page Rank. An important and easy way to get real-time and search engine friendly back links is submission to blog directories. There are so many of them, both free and paid. Paid directories obviously produce better results. I have compiled a list of top free and paid blog directories. But before that, I want to share some useful and time saving tips that will help you get through this blog submission quickly and easily.

1. Blog directory sign up tips:

  • As blog directories tend to create a lot of junk mail, so you may consider dedicate a separate email address to this submission or you can use some old email id for signing up with blog directories.
  • Hit some unique keyword to use as username which you think that is not so popular and will be available easily. It’s better to remember one username than one hundred of them.
  • Use the same password for each account. Don’t worry no one’s going to hack your blog directory account. But this password must be different from the one you use with your email id or Google Adsense account.

2. Blog submission tips:

  • Open a notepad file and copy the exact URL of your blog homepage.
  • Copy the RSS address of your site.
  • Suggest a unique and descriptive short title for your site.
  • Write a comprehensive description of your blog of about 300 words.
  • Suggest at least 10 tags or keyword phrases for your site.

Having all this done will help you get through directory submission process quickly. Now consider signing up with following directories and start submitting:

  • Free directories list: (not for BlogSpot blogs as they don’t support PHP script)

  • Paid directories list:


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