Thursday, 28 July 2011

Understanding Google Adwords

Adwords is a service offered by Google inc. which is equally useful for both advertisers and publishers. It allows them to find out keyword value, keyword searches and keyword competition. It helps publishers to find out better niche for higher rankings and better earnings. Similarly it helps advertisers to predict the amount of traffic which they will receive for a specific amount of budget.

Google Adwords has two main parts:

1. External keyword tool:

It is valuable for webmasters and newbie publishers to find out better niche. Two things are required to be considered:

  • Total searches
  • Competition

Total searches

This is the number of times a specific keyword is searched in Google. It has two types.

Global searches: the number of times a keyword is sought out globally (in the whole world) per month.

Local searches: the number of times a keyword is sought out in USA in a month.


How many sites are available for a specific number of searches? For instance, if a keyword is searched 100 times globally and there are only 5 sites related to that, there is very low competition. But if a keyword is searched 100 times and there are 100 sites related to it, then it has got very high competition.

So a keyword with millions of monthly searches but having a very little competition is the best to work on.

2. Traffic estimator:

Traffic estimator is an awesome tool for advertisers to estimate the traffic to their website. Here they can set the cost per click for publisher, their total budget for a specific period and estimate the traffic they will get.

Although traffic estimator is a tool primarily for advertisers but publishers can also use it to find the value of a keyword. How much a keyword is worth per click? I have maintained the lists of high paying keywords using the same technique.

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