Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tips For Building Easy Backlinks

Back links are in fact the links from other websites to your website. No doubt back links are one of the finest ways for search engine optimization and boosting your traffic. The number of back links directly estimates your site popularity.

· More back links you have, more popular your site is.

· If you have back links from trusted sites, more trustworthy your site will be in the view of search engines.

Remember the popularity is one of the two factors (second one is relevancy) that decide your page rank. So for good adsense earning, in fact for any type of earning, back links (popularity) do matter.

But the most difficult question is how to get those back links?

Yeah it’s certainly difficult. It’s quite time consuming and boring to build back links. But here I have come up with a list of easy methods to help you build back links and boost your page rank.

1. Leave comments:

One of the best and easiest ways to build back links is to leave RELEVANT comments on blogs related to your niche. As you browse through certain relevant blogs to see what your competitors are doing, you can leave a comment their linking back to your site. But don’t spam your comment by merely saying: “awesome post” or “I like your blog” or any junk like that.

Put some juice in your comment. Read a bit of post, have a look at other comments and then through yours.

You may ask some related question or give your suggestion.

For example:

If the blog post is about ‘high paying Google adsense keywords’; your comment may be like this:

“Hey thanks for the list of high paying keywords. If you don’t mind please check out the value of this (your keyword) keyword for me. Regards."

1. TIP: In order to find relevant blogs, you can type this search query in search engine. Wordpress comments “(your keyword)”

2. TIP: You can consider registering a domain name in blogger. All those names which are unavailable relevant to your niche, they are taken. So you can save them and later visit those blogs and leave comments their.

You can use this trick with top level domains also. But be relevant.

2. Blog directories:

Submission of your blog to different blog directories is a handy way to get a bunch of extra back links. But there are certain tips and tricks to consider which may save a lot of time and help you get through this submission business easily.Learn More:

3. Google Alerts:

Using Google alerts is an ongoing way to build back links. Just go to and sign in with your Google account and create alerts. Creating alerts is simple. Just put in your blog address, set frequency (how often you want to receive alerts, daily, weekly etc.) and choose location for your alerts to land (your e-mail id or feed) and you are good to go. When you receive an alert, just visit that blog; read the post a little bit and leave a comment there.

The benefits of using Google alerts:

· You don’t have to search manually for blogs to submit comments. They automatically come to your inbox daily.

· They are quite relevant at least from adsense point of view.

· Google alerts are not limited as blog directories or social bookmarking sites are.


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